22 JUN 2019

Dearborn Meadows Landowners Association
June 22,2019 Meeting minutes

Joe Scott opened the meeting at 10:43 AM.
    ⁃    Special acknowledgment to the Dearborn Volunteer Fire Department for their work on winter road plowing.
    ⁃    Acknowledgment of Bill Weidler for all his road work and we held a minute of silence for the loss of his wife Mary and friend Candy in their recent accident.  
    ⁃    Introduction of the Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter at our meeting
    ⁃    Thank you to Michael Caldwell for his work on the dearbornloa.com website
    ⁃    An official count of voting landowners by display of orange voting tags.   37 Voting landowners were present at the meeting.  

Art Powell read the minutes from the May 3, 2018 meeting.

Pat Racicot gave a detailed report on all the roadwork accomplished to date, from the Halcro switchbacks to the lower Sawmill Creek area  around Gregoire, then approximately 200 yards up Upper Sawmill to where folks didn't want us to grade the road.   To date, Pat has spent  144 hours on the grader which at $150/hr equates to $21,600.  We would not have the money to pay for this much grading  if we had to hire a driver and grader to do work on our roads.  We'd like to add some more road signs, do work at Split Rock and on the Y at Upper Sawmill Creek/ Dearborn River Rd.  

Janet Hedges was introduced to read excerpts from past administrations minutes and letters, to provide to Landowners, especially all the new landowners,  a historical perspective on issues in the Dearborn and road maintenance concerns.   The oldest records we have date back to 1992 when Dale Rugwell was President,  Ray Schwartz was Vice President and LuMarie Strickland was Sec/Tres.  Typical issues were: non paying landowners using the parks, landowners not paying their dues, park maintenance, grader issues,  and the continual road maintenance, where there was so much to do and very little to work with.  In early 2000 several attempts were explored on how to assess every landowners through a County managed RID, (Road Improvement District) tax. In the 2003 RID mail out ballot, 81% of landowners voted in favor with 19% opposed.   However, as our roads are private, RID's are not an option.  In the May 28, 2016 meeting Bob Sechina read a “Statement to the Dearborn Community” that the Sechina's intended to reinstall their gate on Powerline Rd, after their settlement with Rambo, who had torn down their gate several times.  In response, the Association called a Special Meeting in September 2016 to address the gate on Powerline Rd., where the landowners voted overwhelmingly that “our roadways are to stay open and ungated.”  The Sechinas, (JRN Holdings) filed a lawsute against the Association in February 2017 in an effort to try to secure legal right to close off Powerline Rd.  

Art Powell read the Financial Report.  (copies of 2018 & 2019 YTD  Income/Expenses are attached)
Then  Art read a letter from Rick Sherwood, the attorney representing the Association, with an update on the lawsuit that JRN (John & Ruth Sechina) filed against the Association.  

New Business:
Cindy Scott was introduced as chair of the Bylaws Committee.  She read several issues that need to be addressed in updating the Bylaws and asked for volunteers to be on that committee.  

The meeting was opened to landowners comments and additional issues discussed were:
    *    Weeds and weed management
    •    How to communicate with landowners of dates for roadwork for volunteers.
    •    Discussion regarding ambiguity over the amount of Dues continued.  
Mark Davis affirmed after reading the Bylaws, (last updated approximately 2012) that the landowners vote to raise the dues to $50 in 2015 and then to $100/lot was a legitimate vote by the landowners at the meeting, as stated in the Bylaws,  and holds.  The Bylaws just need to be updated with an amendment.  

Final issue on the Agenda was the vote for new officers for the next two years.  Pat Racicot was nominated for President, Cindy Scott was nominated for Vice President and Art Powell was nominated for Sec/Tres.  As there were no other nominees, nor volunteers, the vote was a simple yea or nea.  All voted in favor of the nominated officers.  None opposed.  

The officers: Pat Racicot : President; Cindy Scott: Vice President; and Art Powell : Sec/ Tres. acknowledge and accept the landowners vote for the next two year term as officers.  

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.