09 JUL, 2019


JUNE 19,2021 Meeting Minutes

Pat Racicot opened the meeting at 11:08 AM

Pat introduced Chris, the new fire Chief.  Chris brings 30 years of volunteer experience, has been in the Dearborn area for 11 years, and with the Dearborn Fire Department for 3 yrs.

Colleen Nichols was asked to discuss the current status of the Weed District.  We need people to sign up and Landowners need to finish paperwork to establish the weed district.   Chemicals are available at discounted prices.  A meeting is planned for the fall with the Weed District to provide assistance in filling out the forms.  Bugs are available for spotted knapweed, leafy spurge and toad flax at no cost, and these are very effective.  The life cycle of the plants and seeds lasts many years, so multiple applications of bugs are necessary. 

Pat Racicot requested a count of voting tags to determine the number of voting landowners present at the meeting.   18 voting members present.  Deputy Olsen from Cascade County was present at the meeting. 

Art Powell read the minutes from the 2019 meeting and the Income and Expense report for 2020.  No meeting was held in 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus restrictions.  Sharon Frye moved to approve the minutes, Cindy Scott 2nd.

Cindy Scott took the floor as chairman of the Bylaws Committee update project.  Discussion ensued regarding the proposed updates.  A mailer will be sent to all the landowners who have paid their annual dues, to vote on the proposed updates to the Bylaws.  No vote on the proposed update was held at the meeting.  Due to comments at the meeting, it was decided by the Committee to do a mailer of the proposed Bylaws Update to all landowners in the Dearborn LOA area for an opportunity of comment.    A motion was made and seconded by landowners present  to ask Barb Phillips to leave the meeting due to her disorderly conduct, which she did.   

New business: The question was posed on how do we deal with gates on the roads.  Discussion ensued.  Dan Ginnaty suggested that road easements be registered at the County Level.  Landowners reiterated several times that there are no gates, cables or chains allowed on the roadways.  Landowners who have gates, cables or chains across the roads must remove them. 

Pat opened the nomination for new officers for the Association for the next two year term. 

Art Powell was nominated for President

Dan Ginnaty was nominated for Vice President

Sharon Frye was nominated for Secretary/ Treasurer.

As no other nominations were proposed, the nominated officers were accepted. 

Art Powell – President

Dan Ginnaty- Vice President

Sharon Frye- Secretary / Treasurer

Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 PM

Art Powell, acting Sec/Tres at the meeting