Lawsuit with JRN

Note to all Dearborn Landowners:


The Land Owners Assn, (DLOA) was formed in 1977 to maintain a viable road system and to own and maintain the parks, as the original owners nor LDS addressed the roads or a roadway system in any way, neither in the covenants nor on the individual survey's of each lot.  


The LOA has been maintaining the roads for 50 yrs and all roads have been open to all landowners until JRN has tried to gate off Powerline Rd.  Our task has been to prove the validity and existence of our roadways and our effort is to maintain them as they always have been, open to all landowners in the DLOA area.  

The court gave the two attorneys the opportunity to present their closing arguments in a final written brief.  Then the court will issue it's legal decision on our case.  We hope to have that decision by the time of our spring meeting, June 22, Saturday, 10:30 AM.  

All files on the page labelled "Documents" appear as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file.  Moving your cursor over any file will display the file name.  For instance, the first file in the upper row is title "JRN filing against DLOA 2.17.2017".