20 MAY 2017

Dearborn Landowners Association
Spring Meeting
May 20, 2017

Jim Beck called the meeting to order at 10:01 AM.

A count of the voting members was taken with 28 votes represented.

Jim introduced Sharon Frye to talk about weed control.  As all landowners have a duty to keep weeds  down, Sharon discussed Grants that are available for spraying weeds and the option of using bugs for weed control.  She also has a sign-up form for the County meeting on weed control.  A question was raised regarding the rough cost per acre for weed control and that depends on the kind of weeds and type of terrane.  One land owner with 30 ac, had an estimate of $3,000 to $4,000.  One also needs to plan to do a 3-5 yr maintenance plan to completely get the weeds under control.  

Jim Beck  talked about the purchase of the “new” grader and how it was financed.  The Association paid $5,000, Pat Racicot  $5,000 and Art Powell $5,000.  
Pat Racicot  talked about some of the road work that needs to be done, specifically the culverts that need to be installed on Paul Creek Rd.  It takes a lot of money.   Everyone's support is appreciated.  The road work that has been done this spring has bade a significant difference.  
Drivers need to slow down.
Thanks to all who do garbage pick-up.
Trees that are along the roadway need to be trimmed or cut back to clear the road way.  Owners need to take the responsibility to clear their trees.   
Future plans are we'd like to purchase a backhoe and a dump truck for road work.  Approximate cost is $20,000.  
We would like to raise the annual dues to $100/lot.

Art Powell discussed the idea of updating the Covenants to make membership in the LOA a part of landownership and payment of dues mandatory.  

A main gate down at the beginning of Dearborn River Rd was discussed again.  The issue of public access to the BLM and State land was also discussed.  These are private roads, not public roads so that issue needs to be studied more in detail.  

The sign at the beginning of the Dearborn area was discussed again.   It was voted on in past meetings to install another sign at the bottom to help deter non-owners from entering the Dearborn Association area.  We discussed adding a new sign or just moving the current sign to the beginning of the Dearborn rd.  or making a banner sign.  We will need to contact the land owner at the bottom to secure permission to install a sign at that location.  
A motion was made and second that a sign be installed at the beginning of Dearborn River Rd.  
Before a vote it was suggested that we re-count the voting members as several people had come to the meeting since the first count.   The meeting was informally suspeneded as 13 landowners paid their dues so their votes could count.

The meeting reconvened and a vote on the sign was taken.  
28 members voted in favor of the sign,
1 member opposed.  

It was suggested to add Paypal the the Dearborn website,  in an effort to give owners an easier way to pay their dues.  

Jim Beck said it was time to vote for board members for the next two year term.  
A  motion was made and second to keep the current officers.
Vote:  all were in favor, none opposed.

A motion was made and second to raise the annual dues to $100/lot.  
Vote:  all in favor, none opposed.  

Art Powell gave a budget report.   Funds received since the last meeting: $12,173.
Expenses of $13,597 included : County Tx- $2030; Road work fuel- $818; Grader- $5796 ( the $796 for transport);  meeting mailer costs- $320;  a members nsf ck and bank fees- $110;  Legal costs- $4522.   The current bank balance is $1,055.  

Since the last LOA meeting in September,  JRN Holdings LLC  filed a lawsuit against the Association in an effort to try to secure legal right to close off Powerline Rd.  The Landowners board have contracted with Attorneys to represent the Association and defend our roadway system.  This case will significantly help to clarify the roadway easement issue in the Dearborn Landowners area as no road way easements were filed when the Dearborn area was developed and sold in the early 1970's.  

To pay the legal costs, the Board has set up a Legal Fund.  We ask all landowners to help support this cause as it effects all of us equally.  Donations or loans to the legal fund will be kept strictly confidential.  Please contact any of the Board members.  

There will be a fire board meeting on June 10th at the Fire Hall to discuss fire issues in the area.    They have a lack of volunteers and fire season in coming up.  All are welcome to attend.   The Fire Dept. has purchased a used 4x4 pumper for structure and upper wild land fires are doing many upgrades to the facility.  They would like to recruit new volunteers.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Art Powell