03 MAY 2018

Dearborn Landowners Association Meeting Munites

May 3, 2018

Pat Racicot called the meeting to order at 11:05 am.

Jim Beck resigned as President of the Board due to health issues.   The Board has nominated Joe Scott to fill in as intern President until the next vote for officers, due at the spring of 2019.  Nomination for Joe Scott was made and 2nd.  17 yes, 2 no votes.

As the President, Joe Scott then presided over the meeting. 

It was a passionate meeting regarding all topics. 

There was confusion regarding LOA meeting function as a partial copy of the LOA Bylaws had been distributed at the meeting.   Current Bylaws are posted on the website.  It was recognized that the Bylaws do need to be updated. 

Art Powell went over the Association financial expense/ income to date. 

To date, total 2018 Dues paid are $9280  (72 lot owners = 16%) 

2018 donations to the legal fund are $41940

Joe Scott opened discussion on road issues and maintenance.  A lot of discussion on the need to bring back a sense of community as in the past and how to communicate and facilitate volunteer help on road work. 

Several landowners who have not paid any dues, thus not members of the Association, were very  vocal.

Sharon Frye was introduced and gave a brief explanation of the lawsuit and nature of the complaint against the association. 

Meeting was adjourned at 12:40 PM